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Mentors Migration Consultants is one of the leading and best study-abroad agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Mentors Migration to assist UK, European, and non-European international students who are looking to explore their potential in higher education and the opportunities available to them. We have come across cases in which students who have spent several years in the UK but often go and seek assistance in finding the most suitable university or college for themselves, or guidance throughout their application procedures. 

Whist Mentors Migration was inaugurated in 2014 and registered in the UK, however, before this, we worked for almost 10 years of education counselling with other recognized institutions. We have established strong relations with several universities in the UK and are also working to develop partnerships with Institutions located in Canada, Denmark, the USA, Finland, and more depending on the current demand.


Mentors Migration providing authentic information ease of communication, and standard guidance to every aspirant who whishes to settle aborad.


Mentors Migration is founded by young entrepreneurs who understand the value of Customer Relationships and Trust. Mentor Miration I offers flexible payment options for visa Seekers to process their applications without putting a burden in their pockets, young entrepreneurs who understand the value of customer relationships


Mentors Migration I“Integrity” and “Impact”. We believe anything is done with good intention and honest integrity definitely has a positive impact to make the world better.

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  • Transparency
  • Making Visa Processing Secured